Easy Come and Easy Go

How are things in your life?

Since you’ve been gone,

it’s been hard in my life.

What is life without a song?


And baby, I was wondering,

did I go to far?

Or maybe I missed it honey,

are you a superstar?


Oh yes, I know that dream.

Sometimes dreams can last forever.

Hold on to that dream.

Sometimes dreams are filled with lovers.


And hold on to me.

If you can hold anything.

Hold on to me.

I hold a dream.


Of you.  Walking through the world.

When a wild wind comes

and blows you back to me.

What a sweet summer breeze.


Come on back into my life.

You can do just what you please.

You know my life

is such an ebb and flow.


Oh, why is my life.

Easy Come and Easy Go?