Spirit Fog

Spirit Fog rolled by my back window last night.

I moved from the North.

I asked Spirit Fog to reveal itself.

Spirit Fog would not.

I said, “But, you must reveal yourself”!

Spirit Fog calmly considered this.

Spirit Fog said, “I don’t have to do anything”.

It seemed Spirit Fog grew stronger, as it receded

into the moonlit, silver tipped, landscape.

Spirit Voice moved to the North.

Spirit Voice said, “Spirit Fog needed that resolve”.





I saw you in the shadows as I wandered through my mind.

Looking for bright promise, I found an empty land.

‘Tis not I, the old crow cried, in shrill agony.

Suffering from without, a nestling in an lonely tree.


I spied wolf hunting, baring teeth, eyes a-gleam.

With one eye open, not for you, but breathing close to me.

You, I pulled from bracken, I dusted off your cloak.

The wind still crying Mary, when from that shadow spoke.


I blow around the world, I dread what I see.

I no longer cool, crow’s ageless agony.

The bees have all vanished.  No wing beats for me.

I lift no bird or plane.  Dessert is all there be.

The men have gone to mars.  The moon blown from the sky.

The age of promise past, the promise was a lie.


I felt you in the shadows, as I wandered through my heart.

My blood mixing sadly, with the Earth that fell apart.

Promise is a mystery that only crow can tell.

Before he spoke, he died, he fell into the deep dark well.

Between the stars I heard Her crying.  “What will be will be”.

Sweet NUIT Her scrying eye still seemed sweet to me.


“Another eon passes”.  Is what She said to me.

I believe that promise, was not meant to be.

It kept us all laughing at the torment of crow.

We hunted wolf to many years, now it’s we must go.


I pulled you from the shadows, and gave to you my rib.

Oh no, my name’s not Adam.I would not tell that fib.

But let my bone be a crutch, upon witch you stand.

And draw the circle once again, around the empty sand.

Draw the circle once again, around the empty sand.

Draw the circle once again.