Do you see me

in the shadows

of your periphery?




Holding every rose

ever thrown

at your feet.




Can you see me

weeping silently

in the dark?




Could you hold

this fading rose

in your heart?





Did I see that sparkle flash within your dark gray eye?

Your laughing at the VAGABOND that slowly shuffles by.

He’s drooling at the feast, laid before you like a queen.

Nowhere a sadder soul, I have ever seen.

Did I see that sparkle die within your cold gray eye?

Wondering at that VAGABOND you recognize inside.

Guilty of a feast laid before you like a queen.

Hiding from a darker soul than anyone has ever seen.

The clock strikes twelve, in the dark night of your soul.

You wonder at the shiver, from some inner toll.

Where does the lady hide, when she’s without her clothes?

Where does she lay her head, out in the frozen snow?

Come and sit beside the fire, take and ember it’s for you.

Take it up into your heart, rekindle, renew.

Here now the lady hides, when she’s without her clothes.

With me she lays her head, when in her dark she goes.

…                                                                                                                                           …

I’m glad to see that sparkle die, bring out your eyes of blue.

Gray is too cold, for a VAGABOND  to see through.

Take up the feast of life, not just for me and you.

Take up the feast of life, rekindle renew.

The clock strikes twelve.