A Pocket Full Of Silver,

a hand full of gold.

She’s not the kind

I can buy.


If I come on

with the same same old.

She’ll probably just

walk on by.


I have to speak

to my inner man.

I have to make

me understand.


They get so tired of the

same same old.

I’ve got to change

my game plan.


A hand full of flowers,

a ticket to a show.

Worth more than silver or gold.

I know, I know,


It’s still the same same old.

But I have to try.

Excuse me while I talk

to my inner man.


He said:


Change your game plan.

A big bright smile,

a twinkle in the eye.

Worth more than flowers or gold.


An open door, a walk outside.

A hug against the cold.

Tea for two, a matinée,

Zela at the Root Cafe.


I know I know.

But it’s better than.

A Pocket Full of Silver,

a hand full of gold.