lies and truth

After all these years, I find you here,

life is so very strange.

Gathered here, are all my fears.

Will we all fade away?

All I can see, Is desire before me.

My grasping hands, bright with flames.

All I hear are words in my ear,

Telling me it can’t all be my way.

I hear her say;

Plans and schemes may color our dreams.

Until they fade in the light of day.

Lies And Truth are the colors of youth,

until they blend into gray.

I can only see before me

desire’s dancing flame.

Claiming mine, the light of love.

Drove my grasping hands insane.


I’m looking out my window
through my foggy pain
so many empty spaces
is it my move again

I can not see tomorrow
it’s so unclear today
we are the only losers
in this game we both play

I’m looking out my window
through a melancholy frame
rain drops won’t fill the spaces
between our shuttered pain

I’m outside my window
rain falling all around
washing off the distance
memories on the ground

You Say You Don’t Love Me

You Say You Don’t Love Me

I know that’s a lie

If you don’t love me

What’s that tear in you’re goodbye?


When you Say You Don’t Love Me

you don’t look in my eyes

That’s why I say babe

It’s just a lie!


I’ll say I love you

I need no reason why

Must be that something

I see flashing in your eye.


So don’t say you don’t love me

I’ll know that’s a lie

You let a tear out

And dropped it in my eye.


Now everything’s blue

I see oceans in the sky

All I was asking for is

One reason why.


You Say You Don’t Love Me!