lies and truth

After all these years, I find you here,

life is so very strange.

Gathered here, are all my fears.

Will we all fade away?

All I can see, Is desire before me.

My grasping hands, bright with flames.

All I hear are words in my ear,

Telling me it can’t all be my way.

I hear her say;

Plans and schemes may color our dreams.

Until they fade in the light of day.

Lies And Truth are the colors of youth,

until they blend into gray.

I can only see before me

desire’s dancing flame.

Claiming mine, the light of love.

Drove my grasping hands insane.

New blog site.

Please go to  for updated blogs, and a little love.  Thank you my friends.

I’ll soon be visiting yours as well.

My new site was down because of the new firefox update.  I now use google chrome until frirefox fixes they’re glitches.

Blessed journeys all.

Fond regards – Tuaim