Shine On Me

You are the moon won’t you illuminate my minds eye.

Don’t leave me blind.  Don’t be unkind.

Shine On Me.


I am the Sun I will shine on the path to our souls.

For us to go.  And you to know.

I love you.  Oh, I do.


I remember walking through a garden of light.

A river flowing at our feet,

capturing our gaze, pulling us to the horizon.

Up the mountain and beyond

Into the great frozen.

Where we perceived the wheel ever turning.

Spinning us down to our center,

where we shared our pools of light.

Reaching deep within our souls,

we cried out to each other.


Oh, stand before me like stars shine

against the shadows I carry

too blind to see,

from dark to dark.


I love you because I need you.

I want you to

Shine On Me.


I am Sol,

Shine on me.








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